Postgrad Conference

The Postgraduate Conference will be held on the morning of Tuesday 25th March 2008.

This is an opportunity for mathematics PhD students to present their research to an audience of peers; attendance, in any shape or form, by anyone other than PhD students is strictly by invitation only!

There are two options for presenting research:

  1. The traditional short talk.
  2. Poster presentation.


These options are not mutually exclusive!

Participants are encouraged to arrive in York a day early. It is traditional to explore local attractions the night before the main conference, with the aid of resident experts!


(NOW OFFLINE) Once you have registered online (Register), you can submit titles and upload PDF/PS posters via the Submissions page. Posters should be either A1 or A0 size.  We will print the poster for you, and the printing costs will be met by the conference.

Talks should be about 25 minutes in length. Please submit a short(ish) abstract. For inclusion in the conference booklet, this should be with us by 14 March.


The Postgraduate Conference is supported by EPSRC and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. The principal organiser is James Grime.