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Professor Vladimir Vladimirov

Research group:
Diploma in Physics and Applied Mathematics (Novosibirsk University), PhD-Candidate of Science in Physics and Mathematics (Novosibirsk and Moscow), DrSci-Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics (Novosibirsk and Moscow)

Research Interests

Applied Mathematics and Fluid Dynamics with special interests in: Asymptotic and Averaging Methods; Direct Lyapunov Method; Vibrodynamics; Hydrodynamic Stability; Arnold's Stability; Vortex Dynamics; Geophysical Fluid Dynamics; Magneto-Hydrodynamics (MHD); Liquid Crystals; Biological Fluid Dynamics; Microhydrodynamics; Micro-Robots.

Recognition and Awards

  • A special award from the International Astronomy Union: a small planet in the Solar System is named `Vladimir A.Vladimirov'. Reference: Minor Planet Circular No.36654, 20 March 2000.
  • Visiting Professorships: University of Toronto (1991-2); Cornell University (1992); Caltech (1992); University of Cambridge, DAMTP (1993-4); University of Leeds (1992-3 and 2005-now).  Monash University (1996), Tsinghua University, Taipei (1995), Tsinghua University, Beijing (2007), King Fahd University of Petrolium & Minerals (2013);
  • Honorary Professor: Southern Federal University (1998-now);
  • Director of the Hull Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Applications (2001-5).
  •  Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, Research on Stability of Rotating and Stratified Flows, USSR Academy of Sciences (1989).
  • Above 150 invited lectures and external seminars at various universities of USA, UK, France, Germany, Denmark, China, Hong Kong, and Russia.
  • The 1-st Prize in Fundamental Sciences of the Siberian Division, USSR Academy of Sciences  (1989).
  • The 1-st Prize in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of the Siberian Division, USSR Academy of Sciences (1986).

Publications and Research Grants

Above 100 refereed research papers, 2 monographs; 21 research grants from various funding agencies since 1990.

Selected Publications

Vladimirov VA.  2013.  Dumbbell micro-robot driven by flow oscillations. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 717(Rapid publications, 2013):1-11. Abstract  Download: Acoustic-Robot-4.pdf (200.36 KB)
Vladimirov VA.  2010.  Admixture and Drift in Oscillating Fluid Flows. arXiv: 1009, 4058v1. (physics,flu-dyn) Abstract  Download: drift-preprint.pdf (594.54 KB)
Vladimirov VA, Zhukov MY, Shiryaeva EV.  2009.  Modelling of Electromigration and Electroosmisis in a Planar Microchannel. Izvestiya vuzov Severo-Kavkazskii region, Series of Natural Sciences. (Special issue: Topical Problems in Mathematical Hydrodynamics):46-50.
Vladimirov VA, Morgulis AB.  2008.  Dynamics of a Solid Affected by a Pulsating Point Source of Fluid. Regular and Chaotic Dynamics. Hamiltonian Dynamics, Vortex Structures, Turbulence.:135-150. Abstract  Download: VladimirovIUTAM-head.pdf (233.56 KB)
Vladimirov VA.  2005.  On Vibrodynamics of Pendulum and Submerged Solid. Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics. 7:S397-412. Abstract  Download: Vladimirov_jmfm_2005.pdf (212.96 KB)

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