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Professor Victoria Gould

Research group:
BA, DPhil (York)

Research interests

I am an algebraic semigroup theorist, interested in (amongst other things) structure theory for semigroups, endomorphism monoids of universal algebras, semigroups of quotients, S-acts over a monoid S and T-posets over an ordered monoid T.

Further details of my publications, preprints etc may be found on my personal homepage.

Recent Publications

In Press

Branco M, Gomes G, Gould V.  In Press.  Ehresmann monoids. Journal of Algebra.  Download: TSEhresMon-2015-05-14-postref.pdf (316.51 KB)
Gould V, Hartmann M, Ruskuc N.  In Press.  Free monoids are coherent. Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society.

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Year: 2016/17
Title Course category Term
Semigroup Theory Masters Autumn
Formal Languages and Automata 3rd year Spring
Year: 2015/16
Title Course category Term
Formal Languages and Automata 3rd year Autumn
Semigroup Theory Masters Autumn

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Member,  Computer Science and Mathematics Executive

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Contact Details

Professor Victoria Gould
Department of Mathematics
University of York
York, YO10 5DD

Tel:+44 1904 32 3090

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