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Professor Sanju Velani

Research group:
BA, DPhil (York)

Research interests

Number theory, dynamical systems, and discrete groups


Information on my research can be found on my York Research Database webpage.


Recent Publications

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Recent Research Grants ( > £100K)

2012 EPSRC Programme Grant (£1,646,778): to fund a wide range of activities and appointments over a period of six years including 6 Research Assistantships, short and long term visitors and an international workshop for a project entitled 'New frameworks in metric Number Theory: foundations and applications' (with Prof. V. Beresnevich at York).

2008 EPSRC (£281,754): a Research Assistantship and Studentship for a project entitled 'Inhomogenous approximation on manifolds and more general structures'.

2008 EPSRC (£228,108): a Research Assistantship for a project entitled 'Classical Diophantine approximation revisited'.



Year: 2016/17
Title Course category Term
Number Theory 3rd year Autumn
Analytic Number Theory Masters Autumn
Year: 2015/16
Title Course category Term
Analytic Number Theory Masters Autumn
Metric Spaces 3rd year Autumn
Lebesgue Integration 3rd year Spring

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Member of University Senate: 2016 to present.

Member of the Departmental Research Committee:  2004 to 2014.

  Chair of the Departmental Research Committee:  2010 to 2014.

Head of Pure Mathematics:  2009 to 2014.

Member of the Departmental Senior Management Team: 2009 to 2014 




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Contact Details

Professor Sanju Velani
Department of Mathematics
University of York
York, YO10 5DD

Tel:+44 1904 32 4599
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