Athena SWAN Bronze Award

Supporter of LMS Good Practice Award

Dr Pierre-Philippe Dechant

BA/MA (Cantab), CASM/MMath (Cantab), PhD (Cantab)
Mathematical Virology


Research Interests

I am a Lecturer in the Departments of Mathematics and Biology, based at the York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis. My PhD was in the field of theoretical particle cosmology, with particular interests in Clifford algebras and the role of symmetries in particle physics, cosmology and general relativity. I am interested in the role of symmetry in virus structure and assembly, as well other topics in virology, group theory and applications thereof. I teach "Applications of Group Theory to Virology" and "Numerical Techniques for Modelling Biological Systems" in Mathematics and "Principles of Molecular Virology" in Biology. I coordinate the Pint of Science Festival in York (, and am a panellist for the Equality Challenge Unit (Athena Swan/Race Charter), as well as being on the Maths Equality and Good Practice Committee.  

Recent Publications

See here.


Dechant P-P.  2016.  A 3D spinorial view of 4D exceptional phenomena. Symmetries in Graphs, Maps, and Polytopes: 5th SIGMAP Workshop, West Malvern, UK, July 2014. 159:81.



Dechant P-P, Wardman J, Keef T, Twarock R.  2014.  Viruses and fullerenes – symmetry as a common thread? Acta Crystallographica Section A, March cover article; Nature Physics Research Highlight. 70:162–167.
Dechant P-P.  2014.  A Clifford Algebraic Framework for Coxeter Group Theoretic Computations. Advances in applied Clifford algebras, Conference Prize at AGACSE 2012. 24(1)


Dechant P-P.  2013.  Platonic solids generate their four-dimensional analogues. Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations of Crystallography. 69:592–602.
Dechant P-P, Boehm C, Twarock R.  2013.  Affine extensions of non-crystallographic Coxeter groups induced by projection. cover article Journal of Mathematical Physics September 2013. 54(9)


Dechant P-P, Boehm C, Twarock R.  2012.  Novel Kac-Moody-type affine extensions of non-crystallographic Coxeter groups. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. 45(28):285202:1-14.


Dechant P-P, Lasenby AN, Hobson MP.  2010.  Cracking the Taub-NUT. Classical and Quantum Gravity. 27(18)


Full publication list



Year: 2016/17
Title Course category Term
Applications of Group Theory to Virology Masters Autumn
Vector Calculus 2nd year
Year: 2015/16
Title Course category Term
Applications of Group Theory to Virology Masters Autumn
Numerical Techniques for Modelling Biological Systems Masters Spring

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