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Publications in Algebra


Young CAS, Mukhin E.  2012.  Extended T systems. Selecta Mathematica, New Series.
Ghroda N, Gould V.  2012.  Inverse semigroups of left I-quotients. Periodica Mathematica Hungarica. 65:45-73. Download: inversequotients.pdf (227.18 KB)
Gould V, Cornock C.  2012.  Proper restriction semigroups and partial actions. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra. 4:935-949. Download: Proper_Restriction.pdf (202.44 KB)


Gould V, Shaheen L.  2011.  Axiomatisability problems for S-posets. Semigroup Forum. 82:199-228. Download: axsposetspostproofs.pdf (270.34 KB)

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