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The spectral data for Hamiltonian stationary Lagrangian tori in R^4

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TitleThe spectral data for Hamiltonian stationary Lagrangian tori in R^4
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsMcIntosh I, Romon P
JournalDifferential Geometry and its Applications
Start Page125
Date Published03/2011
AbstractHamiltonian stationary Lagrangian submanifolds are solutions of a natural and important variational problem in Kaehler geometry. In the particular case of surfaces in Euclidean 4-space, it has recently been proved that the Euler-Lagrange equation is a completely integrable system, which theory allows us to describe all such tori. This article determines the spectral data for these, in terms of a complete algebraic curve, a rational function and a line bundle. We use this data to give explicit formulas for all weakly conformal HSL immersions of a 2-torus into Euclidean 4-space and describe the moduli space of those with given conformal type and Maslov class. We also show that each such torus admits a family of Hamiltonian deformations through HSL tori, the dimension of this family being related to the genus of its spectral curve.
E-print numberarXiv:0707.1767

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