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For information about rules and regulations relating to your programme, please study carefully:

Specifically for the Combined Programmes, the following rules apply.


Supervisors and Programme Advisors

This information is for students who began the programme in 2011/2 or later.  (Students who entered the programme in 2010 or before will normally have one supervisor in each department.)

You will be allocated a supervisor in one department and a programme advisor in the other.

Your supervisor is responsible for your academic and pastoral care and oversees all aspects of your time on the programme.  Your supervisor will have formal meetings with you, normally twice a term, to discuss academic progress and any other matters that you wish to raise.  However, you can also contact them at any time to make additional appointments. 

Your programme advisor is there to provide advice on the content of the programme, module choices, programme regulations etc.


Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating Circumstances claims must be handed in to the Computer Science Department, regardless whether they relate to Computer Science or to Mathematics modules. They need to be made on the University's Mitigating Circumstances Claim Form and backed up by appropriate evidence.  

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