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Quantum-Matter-Spacetime: Peter Mittelstaedt's Contributions to Physics and Its Foundations

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TitleQuantum-Matter-Spacetime: Peter Mittelstaedt's Contributions to Physics and Its Foundations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBusch P, Pfarr J, Ristig ML, Stachow E-W
Refereed DesignationDoes Not Apply
JournalFoundations of Physics
Pagination1163 - 1170
Date Published10/2010
AbstractIn a period of over 50 years, Peter Mittelstaedt has made substantial and lasting contributions to several fields in theoretical physics as well as the foundations and philosophy of physics. Here we present an overview of his achievements in physics and its foundations which may serve as a guide to the bibliography (printed in this Festschrift) of his publications. An appraisal of Peter Mittelstaedt’s work in the philosophy of physics is given in a separate contribution by B. Falkenburg.

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