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Prof. Niall MacKay

Research group:
BA (Cambridge), PhD (Durham)
Head of Department

I was an undergraduate in Cambridge, a PhD student in Durham and a post-doc in Kyoto before returning to Cambridge, with fellowships at Queens' and then Pembroke colleges. In 1998 I moved to Sheffield as a lecturer, then on to York in 2000.


Research interests

Mathematical Physics: Integrable models in 1+1D, especially quantum groups and related algebraic structures. Past project and PhD students include Georg Gandenberger, Ben Short, Barry Miller, Patrick Massot, Paul Melvin, Matt Ferguson, John Pinney (Imperial), Adele Taylor, Andreas Rocen and Vidas Regelskis, and post-docs Nikolai Kitanine (U of Burgundy), Ian Marquette  (Queensland),  Alessandro Torrielli (U of Surrey), Benoit Vicedo and Charles Young (both Herts). Most of my publications in mathematical physics can be found here.

Since several people have expressed interest, here (with the author's permission) is the 2010 York MMath dissertation in which a proof is given of Theorem 8 of V. G. Drinfeld, 'Hopf algebras and the QYBE' (which omits the proof): H A Rocen, Yangians and their representations

Warfare modelling: combat modelling, insurgencies, and modelling-informed historical perspectives on air and naval war. See the pages of the York Historical Warfare Analysis Group.

Scaling laws in biology: Scaling of human body mass with height: the Body Mass Index revisited and Mass scale and curvature in metabolic scaling. Here's a semi-popular article for Mathematics Today.


Teaching 2015-16


Introduction to Applied Mathematics

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Administration and Service

    I have served on various national committees including the councils of the ILTHE and HEA, the Education Committee of the LMS, and the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education.
    At the moment I am Head of Department.



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