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Dr Ian McIntosh

Research group:
BSc (Monash), DIC, PhD (London)
Senior Lecturer

Research interests

My research concentrates on the geometry of surfaces. Most of this involves understanding the construction of surfaces which embed or immerse into "nice ambient spaces" so that the surface possesses an attractive property, such as being an area minimizer, or having constant mean curvature (and natural, relevant, generalisations of these properties). This involves a combination of Riemann surface theory, Lie group theory and harmonic map theory (particularly, Riemannian twistor theory). Right now I'm interested in: the conformal geometry of surfaces in the 4-sphere, Willmore surfaces, minimal and Hamiltonian stationary Lagrangian surfaces, using minimal surfaces to understand representations of a surface group (fundamental group of a compact hyperbolic surface), the relationship between minimal surfaces and Higgs bundles.

Recent Publications

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Year: 2016/17
Title Course category Term
Differential Geometry 3rd year Autumn
Mathematical Skills 1: Reasoning and Communication 1st year
Year: 2015/16
Title Course category Term
Differential Geometry 3rd year Autumn
Hilbert Spaces Masters Autumn

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Chair, MAGIC Programme Committee
Member, MAGIC Management Committee
MAGIC node manager
Member, Board of Studies for PGCAP

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Dr Ian McIntosh
Department of Mathematics
University of York
York, YO10 5DD

Tel:+44 1904 32 3094
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