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Dr Gustav W Delius

PhD (Stony Brook)
Senior Lecturer

Research interests

I am currently working on size-spectrum models of marine ecosystems with applications to fisheries policy ....

My background is in Quantum Field Theory, String Theory, Integrable Systems and Quantum Groups. My current research is transferring some of the methods of these fields to theoretical ecology and mathematical biology.

I also have a wider interest in stochastic processes and complex networks.

Ph.D. students:

Past Ph.D. students: 

  • Samik Datta: "Dynamics of size spectra in marine ecosystems", Co-supervised with Richard Law
  • Brett Gibson "Boundary States in Low Rank ATFTs on the Half-Line"
  • Alan George "Exactly Solvable Field Theories with Boundaries"
  • Chris Gardner "Quantum Lie Algebras and their Real Forms"

Selected Publications

Full publication list


Year: 2014/15
Title Course category Term
Stochastic Processes 3rd year Autumn
Stochastic Processes (M Level) Masters Autumn
Introduction to Probability and Statistics 1st year Autumn
Year: 2013/14
Title Course category Term
Introduction to Probability and Statistics 1st year Autumn
Stochastic Processes 3rd year Autumn

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Dr Gustav W Delius
Department of Mathematics
University of York
York, YO10 5DD

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