Athena SWAN Bronze Award

Supporter of LMS Good Practice Award

Professor Evgeny Sklyanin

Research group:
MSc, PhD (Steklov Institute, St Petersburg), FRS

Research interests

Quantum and classical integrable systems, quantum groups

Recent Publications


Nazarov M, Sklyanin E.  2015.  Lax Operator for Macdonald Symmetric Functions. Letters in Mathematical Physics. 105(7):901-916.


Nazarov M, Sklyanin E.  2014.  Macdonald operators at infinity. Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics. 40:23-44.


Nazarov M, Sklyanin E.  2013.  Integrable hierarchy of the quantum Benjamin-Ono equation. Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications. 9:078.
Nazarov M, Sklyanin E.  2013.  Sekiguchi-Debiard operators at infinity. Communications in Mathematical Physics. 324:831-849.


Full publication list


Year: 2015/16
Title Course category Term
Numerical Methods for PDEs Masters Spring
Applied Complex Analysis 3rd year Spring

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Professor Evgeny Sklyanin
Department of Mathematics
University of York
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Tel:+44 1904 32 4162

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