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Professor Ed Corrigan

Research group:
MA, PhD (Cantab), FRS

Research interests

In 1972, after completing my PhD at Cambridge, I went to the University of Durham as Addison Wheeler Fellow; thereafter, except for a number of years absence at CERN, the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, the California Institute of Technology, and some months in the ITP Santa Barbara, YITP Kyoto, ENS-Lyon and Cambridge UK, I  worked in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Durham until 1999, moving to York for seven years. From January 2008 I was Principal of Collingwood College, Durham, until my return to York in October 2011. For many years (1992-2006) I was the coordinator of three European Networks* and one INTAS Network. I have been fortunate to have had a strong collaborative relationship with YITP (Kyoto University), entailing many enjoyable visits to Japan.

My interests have varied over the years, ranging from string theory (in its early days) to integrable quantum field theory (especially Toda field theory), via gauge theories (monopoles and instantons).

My current research concerns various aspects of Mathematical Physics, especially

  • Classical and quantum field theory;
  • Two-dimensional integrable quantum field theories with boundaries and defects.

*York was the coordinating partner of the EC FP5 Network EUCLID from October 2002 - September 2006.

An almost complete list of my publications and other articles can be found in the INSPIRE database

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Mathematics for the Sciences II 1st year
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Mathematics for the Sciences II 1st year

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Corrigan FRS-Ed

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Professor Ed Corrigan
Department of Mathematics
University of York
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Tel:+44 1904 32 3074
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