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Beresnevich V.  2000.  Application of the concept of regular systems of points in metric number theory. Vestsi Nats. Akad. Navuk Belarusi. Ser. Fiz.-Mat.. no. 1:35-39.
Beresnevich V, Bernik VI.  2002.  Diophantine approximation on classical curves and Hausdorff dimension. Analytic and probabilistic methods in number theory (Palanga, 2001).. :20-27.
Beresnevich V, Bernik VI, Dickinson H, Dodson MM.  2000.  On linear manifolds for which the Khintchine approximation theorem holds. Vestsi Nats. Akad. Navuk Belarusi Ser. Fi z.-Mat. Navuk. no. 2:14-17.
Beresnevich V, Bernik VI, Dodson MM.  1997.  Inhomogeneous non-linear Diophantine approximation. Proceedings of the conference `Diophantine analysis and its applications' in honour of Sprindzuk. :13-20.
Beresnevich V.  2000.  On a proof of analogues of the Khintchine theorem for curves. Vestsi Nats. Akad. Navuk Belarusi Ser. Fiz.-Mat. Navuk. 2000, no. 3:35-40.
Beresnevich V.  2001.  The distribution of rational points nearby a parabola. Dokl. Nats. Akad. Nauk Belarusi. 45, no. 2:21-23.
Beresnevich V, Velani S.  2009.  Ubiquity and a general logarithm law for geodesics.. Dynamical Systems and Diophantine Approximation. Seminaires et Congres. 20:21-36. Abstract

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