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Dr Alan Haynes

Research group:
PhD, UT Austin, 2006
Research Fellow


My main interest is in discovering concrete ways in which deep mathematical theories and tools can be used to understand and model reality. The core of my mathematical expertise lies in the fields of analytic number theory, Diophantine approximation, probability theory, dynamical systems, and ergodic theory. At present I am investigating questions in the theory of mathematical quasi-crystals, to try to determine when different quasi-crystals constructed using particular techniques can be deformed nicely into each other. These questions are phrased in the languages of topological groups and algebraic topology, and appear to be closely linked with well known problems in Diophantine approximation.


Year: 2014/15
Title Course category Term
Galois Theory 3rd year Autumn


In Press

Haynes A, Ghosh A.  In Press.  Projective metric number theory. J. Reine Angew. Math. (Crelle's Journal).


Hawkins E, Haynes A.  2014.  Deformation Quantization and Irrational Numbers. Journal of Symplectic Geometry. 12(1):1–22.





Haynes A.  2010.  The metric theory of p-adic approximation. International Math Research Notices. (1)

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