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Logic and Mathematics Conference

Theme: the interaction between ideas or techniques from mathematical logic and other areas of mathematics.

University of York

3-7 August 2009

Sponsored by:

London Mathematical Society

British Logic Colloquium

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

L&M Conference Group PhotoL&M Conference Group Photo


Invited Speakers:

Mauro Di Nasso (Pisa, Italy) - Numerosities: a possible way to refine Cantor's cardinalities

Su Gao (North Texas, USA) - Group colorings and Bernoulli subflows

C. Ward Henson (Urbana, USA) - Continuous first order logic for metric structures and the nonstandard hull construction (see here for text version)

Karel Hrbacek (New York, USA) - Mathematics in relative set theory

Renling Jin (Charleston, USA) - Encircling Freiman's conjecture before final assault

Vladimir Kanovey (Moscow, Russia) - Nonstandard class and superset theories

Jerry Keisler (Wisconsin, USA) - Randomized models and continuous logic

Ulrich Kohlenbach (Darmstadt, Germany) - Recent applications of proof theory in fixed point and ergodic theory

Tom Lindstrom (Oslo, Norway) - Fractional Brownian motions as weighted sums of Anderson random walks

Peter Loeb (Illinois, USA) - Ideal boundaries in potential theory revisited

Michael Rathjen (Leeds, UK) - Conservation and speed-up

David Ross (Hawaii, USA) - Uniform properties

Yeneng Sun (Singapore) - Why saturated probability spaces are necessary

Scientific Committee:

Nigel Cutland, Renling Jin, Karel Hrbacek, Jeremy Avigad

L&M Conference Secretary: 

Christine Cockett


Contributed talks:

Amroune* - Representation of involutive many-valued Moisil-Lukasiewicz algebra by interval fuzzy algebra

Boudaoud* - Localization of the standard reals

Cai - Solving undiscounted infinite horizon optimization problems (with Nitta** Gyoshin Takashi)

Clotz - On some connections between external equivalence relations and topologies

Dinis - Axiomizing external numbers

Ehrlich - Conway names, the simplicity hierarchy, and the surreal number tree.

Ekin - Definite descriptions in Frege's theory of cardinal numbers

Gaspar - A logical view at Tao's finitisation of principles in analysis

Giordano - An example of dialogue between formalism and intuition: does dt^2=ds^3=0 implies dt . ds=0

Herzberg - Ultrafilters, ultraproducts and nonstandard analysis in social choice theory

Hirshfeld* - Meadows

Katz+ - Bi-Lipschitz approximation by finite-dimensional imbeddings

Kudryk* - On some paradoxes of measure theory from the class standpoint

Leth - A "flatness" property for certain regions that contain no standard points

Li, T-H - Young measures as probability distributions of Loeb spaces

Li, Y-Q - Multiplication of distributions via harmonic representations

Lubarsky - The weak fundamental theorem of algebra

Lyaletski* - Computer mathematical assistance and a sequent approach to efficient inference search in first-order classical and intuitionistic modal logics

Nakamura - Path-space measure for the Fokker-Planck equation with repulsive force of polynomial growth and its applications

Neves - Uniform differentiability and critical points

Nitta - Divergent Fourier analysis using degrees of observability (with Yves Peraire)

O'Donovan - Analysis with ultrasmall numbers: a review of students' understanding after a first year of use in class.

Peraire - Contextual analysis and automatic proving

Roquette - A semantics for relative infinitesimals

Safarik - On the computational content of Bolzano-Weierstrass

Sanders - More infinity for a better mathematics!

Simmonds - Horn-rule completeness for probabilistic consequence relations

Tchizawa - On a direct method for proving existence of 4-dim duck solutions

Teixeira - Local-in-time existence and regularity of the n-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations via Galerkin approximations.

Todorov - Valuation subfields of *R and generalized power series

van den Berg, B - On a forcing model for non-standard arithmetic

van den Berg, I - A converse to Ito's lemma.

Weisshaupt - Limit behaviour of interacting particle systems.

Zlatos - Stability of group homomorphisms in the compact-open topology

* presented by title; ** presenting author; +presented by O'Donovan


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