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Tony Sudbery Fest


A Symposium
to celebrate the achievements of
Professor Anthony Sudbery
on the occasion of
his 65th Birthday

University of York
29-30 September 2008

Tony Sudbery

To mark the 65th birthday of Prof Tony Sudbery, a symposium reflecting his diverse research achievements during his distinguished career will be held in the Department of Mathematics. Tony's research interests span many areas of pure and applied mathematics, ranging from the theories of quantum groups and exceptional Lie algebras to foundational questions in quantum mechanics and quantum information theory.

Most of the speakers have
collaborated with Tony at some point of his career. The broad range of topics they represent will provide a stimulating background for the interaction of research communities often separated by disciplinary boundaries. The meeting also provides an opportunity for young researchers to exchange ideas with well-established colleagues in their fields and to acquaint themselves with other mathematical topics.

Speakers include

  • Dr Almut Beige, University of Leeds, UK
        Macroscopic Quantum Jumps and Quantum Computing
  • Prof Ingemar Bengtsson, University of Stockholm, SE
        MUBs, SICs, and the Shape of the Body of Density Matrices
  • Prof Ken Brown, University of Glasgow, UK
  • Prof Nicolas Cerf, Universite' Libre de Bruxelles, BE
        On Hudson's Theorem: From Pure to Mixed States
  • Prof Ed Corrigan, University of Durham, UK
         Shocks and surprises
  • Prof James Ladyman. University of Bristol, UK
        The Sudbery Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
  • Dr Alan J Macfarlane, University of Cambridge, UK
        Algebraic Structure within the QR Algorithm
  • Prof Shahn Majid, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
  • Prof Corinne Manogue, Oregon State University, USA
  • Prof Sandu Popescu, University of Bristol, UK
  • Prof John Ryan, University of Arkansas, USA
             Dirac type operators and conformal structure
  • Prof Robin Tucker, University of Lancaster, UK
        Differential-Form Valued Forms and Distributional Electromagnetic Sources

Lectures will be from 10 to 12 and from 14 to 16.


To register, please visit this page and set up an account. This will give you access to some more facilities regarding the TonyFest and we will be able to easily communicate with you.

Registration Fee

There is a fee of GBP 25 (or GBP 20 if you are a member of the IoP) to attend this event which we kindly ask you to pay in cash
upon arrival. Please note that no credit or debit card facilities will be available, and we cannot accept cheques. By registering you agree to pay the registration fee.

Support for Graduate Students

Limited funds are available to support your participation at the symposium if you are a graduate student at a UK university. You apply by informally stating your case and adding a brief reference letter.
Please send your letter to Christine Cockett using the address in the footer of this page, making sure that it is with us before 31 August 2008.


After registering you will be given the opportunity to indicate whether you would like to present a poster. If so, please provide a title and an abstract.
Due to space restrictions, we might need to limit the number of posters, and we will confirm by the end of August whether it will be possible to show your poster.

Festschrift Contributions

A Festschrift---
to appear in the IoP Conference Series---is planned to commemorate this event. Once registered, you can submit a proposal of a contribution. Due to limited funds we might not be able to accept all suggestions. If you would like to contribute to the FestSchrift without attending the TonyFest, please contact the organisers.

Conference Dinner

A conference dinner will be held on the evening of Monday, 29 September, at The King's Manor. We expect it to cost approximately GBP  30 (to be paid in cash upon arrival). Once registered, please indicate whether you will definitely participate at the dinner and if you bring a partner; you should also specify any dietary requirements. If you want to join the dinner without attending the symposium, please contact us. As the number of covers is limited, we recommend to book early.


T here are numerous guest houses and Bed & Breakfast places near Heslington campus. You might find this page a useful starting point to search for accomodation.


The TonyFest will take place on Heslington campus in the room B/K/018 of the Biology Department. General information about directions can be found on this page.    

Any Questions?

Feel free to drop a line to Christine Cockett.

This event is made possible by financial support provided by
The London Mathematical Society

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The Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Group of the
Institute of Physics

will organize a session in conjunction with this meeting.


Prof P Busch, Dr A Higuchi and Dr S Weigert; Dr R Twarock organizes the IoP Session.

Contact: Christine Cockett (Research Secretary)

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