Athena SWAN Bronze Award

Supporter of LMS Good Practice Award


(in alphabetical order)

Dr Gustav W Delius
PhD (Stony Brook)
Stochastic Modelling in Mathematical Biology and Theoretical Ecology, Spatial Stochastic Processes, Quantum Field Theory, Integrable Systems, Quantum Groups
+44 1904 32 3077
Boda Kang
Dr Boda Kang
B.Sc(Tsinghua), M.Sc(Tsinghua), PhD(UniSA)
Mathematical Finance, Computational Finance, Energy Derivatives, Exotic Derivatives, Measures of Risk
+44 1904 32 4158
Dr Christian Litterer
Stochastic Analysis, Rough Paths and Mathematical Finance.
+44 1904 32 3646
Dr Alet Roux
BSc BCom (Pret), MPhil (Cantab), PhD (York)
Mathematical Finance
+44 1904 32 4596
Professor Tomasz Zastawniak
Professor Tomasz Zastawniak
MSc Maths, MSc Phys, PhD (Krakow)
mathematical finance, stochastic analysis, mathematical physics
+44 1904 32 4138

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