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Gould V, Shaheen L.  2011.  Axiomatisability problems for S-posets. Semigroup Forum. 82:199-228. Download: axsposetspostproofs.pdf (270.34 KB)
Ushakova EP.  2011.  Estimates for the singular values of Stieltjes type transforms. Siberian Mathematical Journal. 52(1):8. Download: 0159.pdf (159.78 KB)
Gomes G, Gould V.  2011.  Left Adequate and left Ehresmann monoids II. Journal of Algebra.. 348:171-195. Download: properadequatefinal.pdf (233.12 KB)
Zorin E.  2011.  New results on algebraic independence with Mahler’s method. Comptes Rendus Acad. Sci. Paris. Ser. I 349 (2011)(349):607--610. Abstract
Ushakova EP.  2011.  On boundedness and compactness of a certain class of kernel operators. Journal of function spaces and applications. 9(1):41. Download: JFSA2011.pdf (379.46 KB)

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