Athena SWAN Bronze Award

Supporter of LMS Good Practice Award

Publication list



Fewster CJ.  2016.  On the spin-statistics connection in curved spacetimes. Quantum Mathematical Physics: A Bridge between Mathematics and Physics.
Fewster CJ, Juárez-Aubry BA, Louko J.  2016.  Waiting for Unruh. Classical and Quantum Gravity. 33:25pp.


Fewster CJ, Verch R.  2015.  Algebraic quantum field theory in curved spacetimes. Advances in Algebraic Quantum Field Theory. :pp125-189.


Fewster CJ, Siemssen D.  2014.  Enumerating Permutations by their Run Structure. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. 21(4):P4.18[19pp].


Fewster CJ, Verch R.  2013.  The Necessity of the Hadamard Condition. Classical and Quantum Gravity. 30:235027(21pp).
Fewster CJ, Hunt DS.  2013.  Quantization of linearized gravity in cosmological vacuum spacetimes. Reviews in Mathematical Physics. 25(2):1330003[44pp].


Fewster CJ, Verch R.  2012.  Dynamical locality of the free scalar field. Annales Henri Poincare. 13(7):1675-1709.

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