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Networks and Nonlinear Dynamics group

Welcome to the web pages for the Networks and Nonlinear Dynamics Group.

Group Members and Publications

This contains a list of the NNDG members with their research interests and group publications.

History and Main Research Themes

The Networks and Nonlinear Dynamics Group was formally launched on the 4th October 1999, with a welcome and gathering for many of our past, present and future partners. It was formed by the merging of two existing groups in the department: Mike Smith's York Network Control group and Maurice Dodson's Nonlinear Dynamics group.

The main theme running through the group's work is that of the control, prediction and optimisation of complex systems. Systems the group have looked at include ones in road traffic, telecoms traffic and production data from noisy real-world industrial processes.

The group is able to bring to these problems techniques and insights from many different areas of mathematics (ranging from classical statistics and optimisation theory to non-linear dynamics and chaos theory), often leading to novel techniques and cross-fertilisation of ideas.

In addition, the group maintains close links with industrial partners - honorary members of the group work with several organisations including Nortel Networks, Oscar Faber and BT Research.

The group helps organise a series of meetings on Mathematics of Networks.

Current and Older Projects

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