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MSc in Financial Engineering

The MSc in Financial Engineering is delivered jointly by the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Economics and Related Studies.  Further details can be found in the downloadable leaflet which is attached to this page.

It is intended for candidates who want to combine a rigorous study of relevant topics in applied and computational mathematics with econometrics and quantitative finance.

Candidates are expected to have an undergraduate degree with strong scientific (such as, for example, mathematics, statistics, engineering, physics, electronics) or finance/economics backgrounds. For more details, see Entry Requirements.

Students graduating with an MSc degree in Financial Engineering will typically find quantitative finance jobs in the City and other financial institutions. Other possibilities include fund management, insurance, the actuarial profession, taxation, and continued study to PhD level.

Applications are invited for the next intake of students in the Autumn of 2017. Please go to the Enquiries and Applications section for further information. 

For details of the modules offered, see Programme Structure.

 Click here to see the leafletClick here to see the leaflet


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