Athena SWAN Bronze Award

Supporter of LMS Good Practice Award

Speaker Title Date and time Series
Tim Spiller (York) Information session about the York-led EPSRC Quantum Communications Hub and the York Centre for Quantum Technologies January 12, 2015, 13:05 Quantum Information Seminar
Dr Andrew Bate (York) Predators, Prey and Prevalence January 12, 2015, 14:00 - 15:00 Applied Mathematics Seminar
Charles Batty (Oxford) Tauberian theorems, operator semigroups, and rates of decay January 12, 2015, 16:00 - 17:00 Mathematical Finance and Stochastic Analysis Seminar
Liron Speyer (Queen Mary) The graded representation theory of the symmetric group and dominated homomorphisms January 12, 2015, 16:15 Algebra Seminar
Richard Miles (University of East Anglia and Uppsala University) An invitation to the periodic point counting table January 13, 2015, 15:00 - 16:00 Number Theory Study Group
Professor Stuart Margolis Poset cohomology, Leray numbers and the global dimension of left regular band algebras January 13, 2015, 16:00 - 17:00 York Semigroup
Lovkush Agarwal (Leeds), Bernard Bainson (Heriot-Watt), Wolfram Bentz (Lisbon), Igor Dolinka (Novi Sad), Rowena Paget (Kent), Goncalo Pinto (College of the Bahamas), Tom Quinn-Gregson (York), Itamar Stein (Bar-Ilan) NBSAN January 14, 2015 (All day)
Daniel Hills Sine-Gordon and the theta function January 14, 2015, 16:00 Graduate Seminar
James Edwards (Durham) Anomaly free interacting spinning strings January 15, 2015, 16:15 - 17:30 Mathematical Physics Seminar
tba January 19, 2015, 13:05 Quantum Information Seminar
Anton Evseev (Birmingham) Graded RoCK blocks and wreath products January 19, 2015, 16:15 Algebra Seminar
Dzmitry Badziahin Thue-Morse constant is not badly approximable January 21, 2015, 15:00 - 17:00 Number Theory Study Group
Prof John Aston (University of Cambridge) Functions, Covariances, and Learning Foreign Languages January 22, 2015, 13:00 - 14:00 Statistics Seminar
Paola Verrucchi (Firenze) A description of the quantum measurement process by the parametric representation with environmental coherent states January 26, 2015, 13:05 Quantum Information Seminar
Ben Goldys (Sydney) On some multidimensional diffusions degenerating on the boundary January 26, 2015, 16:00 - 17:00 Mathematical Finance and Stochastic Analysis Seminar
Vanessa Miemietz (UEA) Isomorphisms of affine Schur algebras January 26, 2015, 16:15 Algebra Seminar
Kasia Rejzner Perturbative AQFT and the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism (1) January 27, 2015, 14:00 - 15:00 Mathematical Physics Seminar
Yi Wang (University of York, Electronics) Wireless Multilevel Lattice Network Coding based on Abstract Algebra January 27, 2015, 15:00 - 17:00 Number Theory Study Group
Dr Christina Goldschmidt (Oxford) Scaling limits of Galton-Watson trees, and line-breaking constructions January 28, 2015, 14:00 - 15:00 Mathematics Colloquium
Professor Min-Chun Hong (Brisbane) Global existence of solutions to the Ericksen-Leslie system in liquid crystals January 29, 2015, 13:00 - 14:00 Mathematical Finance and Stochastic Analysis Seminar

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