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Members and Research Interests

Below is an alphabetical list of members of the Algebra Group, with brief descriptions of their (algebraic) research interests. Clicking on the name of a particular member of staff will direct you to their homepage.

  • Dr Michael Bate  Subgroup structure and representation theory of linear algebraic groups; spherical buildings; geometric invariant theory
  • Dr Gustav Delius  Boundary affine algebras and twisted Yangians
  • Professor Stephen Donkin  Algebra; representation theory; algebraic groups
  • Dr Brent Everitt  (Co)homology of sheaves over categories; combinatorics and representations of Coxeter groups
  • Professor John Fountain  Semigroup Theory and Group Theory
  • Dr Haralampos Geranios  Representations of algebraic groups and invariant theory
  • Professor Victoria Gould  Semigroup theory: structure theory for non-regular semigroups; endomorphism monoids of certain universal algebras; semigroups of quotients; S-sets over a monoid S
  • Dr Miklos Hartmann Structure theory for orthodox semigroups and theory of S-acts
  • Dr Eli Hawkins Noncommutative deformations, Lie groupoids and algebroids, geometric models of noncommutative algebras, C*-algebras, Hochschild and cyclic (co)homology
  • Dr Niall MacKay  Yangians, quantum affine algebras and their representations and realizations in physics; generalizations of Brauer and symmetric-group centralizer algebras to exceptional Lie algebras, and their diagrammatic representations
  • Professor Maxim Nazarov  Representations of affine quantum groups and affine Hecke algebras
  • Professor Reidun Twarock  Affine extensions of noncrystallographic Coxeter groups with applications in virology

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