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Prof Niall MacKay

"One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is supervising the final-year BSc and MMath projects. I think it’s great for students to have the chance, at the end of their education, to escape from the exams treadmill and do some original thinking and perhaps reach the research frontier. There are students - some good at exams, some not so good - who really fly at this stage, and produce dissertations which they should be proud of for the rest of their lives."

Prof Victoria Gould

"Why study mathematics at York? What extra does it have to offer? First, we provide well-designed degree programmes that are adaptable to the differing mathematical tastes of students – you might well find that yours change at some point so you want a degree that can be flexible! Second, we are genuinely concerned that we provide a good learning experience for our students, backed up by robust pastoral care systems. You will be taught by world-leading academics who want to pass on their love of their subject. Finally, York is a great place to live – we offer all the benefits of campus living, but close to great countryside, an ancient city, and having excellent transport links."

Dr Michael Bate

"It wasn't until I got to university that I properly realised the true scope and range of the subject, and all the possibilities which it opened up. It's a privilege now to be employed to do something I really enjoy. Most aspects of the job are very rewarding, from the pure research side to the teaching of undergraduates. The Department is a very friendly one, with a diverse range of interests and staff, and a good body of undergraduates who are a pleasure to teach."

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